I’m a tiny bee, drawn to flying towards scents, essences, colours…

I’m a worker bee struggling to find my evening nectar in the blazing sun.

Blowing in the wind, suspended in the electric air, I capture the freshness of lavender and cornflower, blended with the heady scent of rose.

It’s the start of a true sensory odyssey. Diving to the heart of these nourishing flowers, I soak up their delicate essences.

Cocooned by the incredible sweetness and radiant light, I take advantage of this life-saving oxygen that invigorates my flight. A shimmering veil of sunlight dances on my wings. Oh so small, nestled in my floral nature reserve where I regenerate, I revel in this lush bucolic cosmos…

I fly off once again, hydrated and reinvigorated. I can offer the fruits of my harvest to future generations.

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